Hello we are the good vs. evil group of the jury. This is how we will be grading you:

Textual Evidence-20


Here are the scores for the end of Day 1:
Frankenstein-75/100 points
Dracula- 85/100 points

Dracula is beating Frankenstein because they overall have more evidence and participated more in the questions. However, both groups would score better if they participated and described more.

Here are the scores for the end of Day 2:
Frankenstein-85/100 points
Dracula-85/100 points

Frankenstein is beating Dracula today due to the fact they brought up better points. However, both groups did great in participation and content.

Here are the scores for the end of Day 3:
Dracula-90/100 points
Frankenstien-95/100 points

Dracula did a great job describing and content. They went into great detail and even explained page numbers in the book. Frankenstein also descrbed very well with their novel.

Total for all days:
Frankenstein-85/100 points
Dracula-87/100 points